The ecomythic documentary series whose time has come.

Nature Calling explores mythology and ecology in a way you’ve never seen before, investigating the powerful stories that influence the way we live – from capitalism and progress to indigenous stories and new ways of living on earth.

This series asks how we can adapt modern society in light of ecological limit, given that we have distanced ourselves from close contact with nature since the rise of the city, which has become our new ‘natural’ habitat.”

Pilot Episode: How City Living Became Our New ‘Natural’ Environment

Featuring Climate Scientist Professor Will Steffen
Environmental Urban Planner Professor Barbara Norman

Brief clips from Episode 1 of City Living, Nature Calling:


The Story of Nature Calling, the first ever Ecomythic doco series:

People naturally love their homes and want to protect their lifestyles. But modern life has gotten out of balance and we know we need to adapt to the ecological limits of the earth. In evolutionary terms, humanity spent most of its cultural history in close contact with the more-than-human nature all around us. But nowadays, the city has become our natural environment. Shifting our ‘homes’ from nature to cities fundamentally changes our thinking – and this is what leads us to the precipice of the ecological crisis.

Making cities more ecologically sustainable is possible but we need to explore how to do this. Nature Calling presents our challenges in clear language and places the current crisis in evolutionary context. This results in a fascinating and novel ‘ecological history’ of humanity, including an overview of the way the agricultural revolution promoted a way of thinking about the earth as a set of resources (or objects) rather than a home filled with extended kin (or subjects). We live in a world where this tendency has been increased exponentially by the fossil fuel power of the industrial revolution.

Today, in a digital culture, film combines with electronic social media, to become a powerful story telling tool. We use it to heal and evolve. We aim to help shift consciousness back towards treating the earth as a living home, filled with creatures and places we love, respect and defend. When people support this cause, they are supporting a movement towards positive change, the transformation of the human story on this planet back towards an ethic of care and compassionate co-existence, and away from the damage being done by exhaustive capitalistic industries.

Nature Calling tells the story of our environmental crisis in in an evolutionary context, which makes climate change part of that ‘deep’ human history. It recognises that our curiosity and inventiveness are innate, making technology part of the solution as well as part of the problem. The film combines this ‘big picture’ story of global shifts in consciousness with ways to work with local places, improving our homes in cities and nature in line with what we are learning about sustainable lifestyles and flourishing communities.

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