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Breaking Free of the Urban Myth


With my expertise in the effects of urban life on the human psyche, I am uniquely well positioned to help you break free of the limiting patterns and unconscious assumptions we have been trained to accept. Don’t let yourself feel trapped in the grids of city living! We were not born to feel like rats in a cage or cogs in a machine. We were born to enjoy life in a primate body with self-aware consciousness, one of the greatest gifts in the universe!



Cost & Inclusions:

All services are charged at $80 per hour Australian dollars (AUD). I attempt to respond within 3 working days.

  • Write to me: I will read your statement about the limits and challenges in your life and respond with written advice on how to break free of them.
  • Book an online consultation: I will engage with you face-to-face and provide you with concrete practices that will liberate you from the limits of modern life.
  • Combination: You may feel like it is helpful to get your position down in words at first, then follow up with an online, face-to-face consultation. Good idea!



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