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  • Deepen your connection with nature
  • Learn simple but profound rituals to develop your relationship with the earth
  • Be filled with the beauty of all life, from the little things to the cosmic dimension
  • Breathe freely and find calm amidst the storm
  • Dissolve any sense of separation or isolation
  • Heal wounds, feel empowered, get back in flow


Join Australia’s representative to the International Ecopsychology Society, Dr Geoff Berry, as he guides you with exercises that will deepen your connection to nature. Geoff’s services include guided meditations and journeys, ceremonies and rituals for expanding the self and letting more of the universe in, “ecotuning” exercises to increase mindfulness, personalised rituals, movement exercises and more.

Geoff is available for private and small group bookings, including online, for more personal attention composed specifically for you!

Enquire via the Contact form on this website (bottom of the Home page), or direct your enquiry to

19 reviews for Ecoretreats

  1. Lillian

    I attended an Ecoretreat with Geoff and even now, after several months, I am still experiencing the benefits. It enabled me to deeply connect with myself within the greater web of life and energy that we are part of. I enjoyed meditation, foraging, morning and evening rituals to acknowledge the sun and moon, a vision quest, a labyrinth walk and more. I love being in nature so this was a soul and body nourishing treat, which was amplified by Geoff’s guidance, care and attention to flow.

    Back in the hectic life that many of us lead, his advice to breathe into your centre and listen with your being to the song of nature within and around us, keeps the benefits of the retreat alive and relevant. I wait with anticipation for the opportunity for another one!

  2. Ruby

    I was a part of an Ecopsychotherapy Retreat this past weekend with Geoff. I felt Geoff held the space in a deeply engaging way, with grounded knowledge and insight into the practice and ethos of ecotherapy. I found that the way he held space and held the deep nuances of the eco-space allowed me to immerse myself within the experience with little hesitation. I specifically cherish the knowledge I received around ritual, connecting with a sense of your own place in nature and the regulating capacities of our environment.

    This work feels so important in our current times. Thank you for an amazing weekend!

  3. Carly Tomadin

    Having the opportunity to be immersed within an ecotherapy retreat facilitated by Geoff was absolutely life-changing. Geoff’s embodiment of what he teaches brought an ongoing depth, joy, and light-heartedness to the retreat space. I’ve left feeling inspired, revitalised, and deeply connected while also having a toolkit full of new skills. I cannot recommend working with him and/or attending one of his retreats highly enough!

  4. Irene

    We spent 5 days intensive with Geoff for our psychotherapy course. Geoff has a way to listen that I have rarely seen in anyone. His humbleness makes him a wonderful and accessible person. His playfulness invites curiosity and brings forth the children within. An innocence that is often welcomed by nature. Geoff has immense knowledge and conveys it with simplicity yet depth. His ability to flow and adapt and just anytime it was needed has been like shifting water in the creek.

    I have had a beautiful connection, with nature of course, but also with many in my group. I have had a deep experience of communion with nature and myself, and let nature hold me. All this would not have been possible without the leadership and carrying holding of Geoff.

    Thank you dear nature spirit.

  5. Isabelle

    I had the honour of experiencing a 5 day ecoretreat with Geoff in Shoreham, Victoria and I could not speak more highly of him.

    Geoff taught me so much through all his accumulated wisdom about connections to self, others and nature and held such beautiful space for my classmates and I too explore new territories. With his light-hearted humour, amazing storytelling and open, peaceful presence Geoff showed us the middle ground in becoming incredibly spiritually rooted within the cosmos and the earth and helped me make sense of some ineffable magic.

    Thanks Geoff. Stay Golden!

  6. Bec

    Geoff is an extremely passionate, skilful and knowledgeable man with a unique and powerful grasp on the realms of myth, symbol and ritual, ecology, psychotherapy and spirituality. He sees these things for what they truly are: inseparable, and radically necessary for meaningful and liveable lives, which so many of us are calling deeply for – especially in these times of increasing environmental (and mental) instability.

    Geoff’s facilitation is generous, flexible, collaborative, purposeful and caring. He encourages and models deep reverence for self and nature in order to heal ourselves and the earth of which we are part, in an accessible and flexible way. Importantly, too, he brings a unique and endearing sense of humour to the space he inhabits, making the journey fun and wholesome!

    Thanks for the retreat, Geoff. I look forward to more of your offerings in the future.

  7. Clare lovelace

    I was fortunate enough to co- host a retreat with Geoff and I had the chance to participate in his incredible, transformative workshops. Through his skilled facilitation I was able to access deep states of meditation and delve into the shadow areas of my unconscious to bring light and clarity to some patterns and habits that were keeping me stuck.

    Geoff is a gifted, intuitive teacher who draws from an impressive knowledge base spanning many years. He bridges the gap between academic and spiritual teachings seamlessly.

    Highly recommend attending any of Geoff’s workshops and retreats.

  8. Al Jeffery

    Having recently sat on an eco-retreat with Geoff, I have full confidence in recommending his spaces for those seeking transformation, connection, and discovery. His humility, depth of wisdom, embodied knowledge and ability to hold and navigate space are great gifts, that I feel privileged to have been able to drink from the waters of. I’d recommend Geoff, his retreats and his practices to anyone seeking to deepen their connection with nature, within and all around.

  9. Zoe Klein

    I had the pleasure of Geoff’s leadership during a recent EcoTherapy training. Geoff’s light heart and humorous nature allowed for the effortless transmission of his wisdom. Every moment spent with Geoff was a gateway into my own light hearted-ness. Due to his authenticity and genuine care for our natural environment, I was able to sink into a deep reverence for nature that will follow me forever. Thanks Geoff.

  10. Julie Stevens

    Geoff was the host of an eco-therapy retreat that I recently attended in Victoria. He was just the most perfect human for the job. Geoff is adaptable and open, warm, and encouraging; noble and logical attributes from someone who has sat deeply, attuning to nature as he has. Geoff really walks the walk. I was utterly inspired by Geoff the whole retreat, his whole spirit shining in this work. The practices were fun and profoundly engaging, and grounding. I felt my relationship with the natural world strengthen and am enormously grateful for that. Thank you, Geoff.

  11. Jake

    As a teaching assistant on Geoffs Eco-Retreats, I couldn’t have had a more rich and informative experience both as a TA and participant of his work. Geoff seamlessly threads the intellectual rigour he has clearly acquired through his studies with nature-based practice. Professionally, Geoff taught me an immense amount from the nuances of supporting students both in an intellectual environment and the psychotherapeutic space, the continuum between theory and practice, and the deepening of my awareness of how to support training psychotherapists to support their clients in a nature-based context. In addition to this, Geoff was a pleasure to work with and imbues all his work with ease, humour and joy. I would take any other opportunity to work with Geoff in a professional context.

  12. Chloe McKeand

    I recently took part in an eco-therapy retreat led by Geoff, and I now highly recommend him to anyone looking to be stewarded back into reconnection with nature and this work. His extensive knowledge and wisdom of nature connection and all the related topics is very impressive and he facilitated our experience with sensitivity, integrity, deep respect and an incredible open heart. He is humble and passionate, he walks his talk and he inspires curiosity and reverence in each moment of the exploration.

    Quite simply, he is a beautiful teacher and integral human. I can’t think of what is more important when journeying back into connection with the nature of our world and the nature of ourselves.

    Thank you Geoff!

  13. Zoey Nigbur

    After recently participating in an eco-retreat led by Geoff, I have noticed an immense shift in how I approach my therapeutic practice and life in general. Geoff’s practical, deeply respectful, and deeply attuned approach allows for an experience that is deeply personal, enriching, and connecting on multiple levels. Geoff has a wonderful ability to hold space, especially with large groups. He also has the ability to connect to each person in meaningful ways while facilitating the process of personal/collective connection to nature. This retreat was an experience that I won’t forget and I feel immensely grateful to receive Geoff’s wisdom and the wisdom of the earth facilitated through Geoff.

  14. Tanja Hawker

    I recently attended an eco-therapy 5 day intensive with Geoff. His professionalism, knowledge and expertise surrounding the subject was outstanding, the wisdom he shared was greatly appreciated. Geoff is a humble, passionate and engaging facilitator. The wealth of knowledge Geoff has imparted onto me will be part of my tool kit as an emerging art psychotherapist. I had some deep and profound experiences on the retreat and this has deepened my relationship with nature further. I left feeling as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Through ritual, exercises, meditation and being in deep communion with nature many releases took place and valuable insights were made. I felt lighter in my body and excited to use my new skills. I highly recommend Geoff and will attend retreats with him in the future.

  15. Victoria Marcelis

    I had a profound reconnection with nature, myself and our group, while attending an Eco Psychotherapy retreat run by Geoff Berry in April 2021. I have loved nature my whole life and felt called to the retreat at this time of ecological crisis and wanted a way to move forward to become part of the solution for our world. I also wanted to slow down, have a break, have fun, and do something meaningful.
    The retreat surpassed my expectations and I feel I achieved all of my aims. Geoffs breadth of wisdom, knowledge, life experiences, work, humility and care, held the perfect container for remembering what it is to be a whole human being. Definitely an antidote for this bewildering time in and the fast pace of the modern world. I am rejuvenated and inspired, and as an aspiring psychotherapist, see the incredible benefits of this work that supports the reconnection of people to themselves and the world by opening to a deeper relationship to nature.

  16. Rachel

    I feel deeply altered after 5 days in nature learning and fully expressing what my connection to nature means to me.
    I received story upon story from nature, and gifted story and song back to nature in such a profound way that I haven’t taken the time and space to experience before.
    This was made possible by Geoff as our guide with a wealth of knowledge and experience, both personal and professional. Geoff created a safe container from which we were able to expand outwardly having unique and deeply personal experiences with nature.
    Geoff’s delivery of nature rituals, ceremony, guided meditations and education, including indigenous practices and ways of being held us in positive regard and reverence for the land.
    I return home feeling deep appreciation for the even more connected relationship with nature I now possess. A simplified relationship of reciprocal unconditional love. Seeing and believing in the importance of the work Geoff is doing with his Ecotherapy retreats, I look forward to connecting again and engaging in this work myself. I learned a great deal and am inspired by Geoff to keep learning.

  17. Lalena

    I was very anxious going into the retreat, at the thought of being away from home with strangers for five days. However, I went away with gratitude and a more open heart. I very much enjoyed myself. Geoff’s poised, approachable nature helped me to feel accepted and safe. I can confidently recommend to anyone looking to reconnect to nature and to themselves to do so under Geoff’s facilitation. I do hope more people engage in these eco retreats, as I believe it is important work.

  18. Cheryl

    Recently I returned from a five-day Eco Psychotherapy retreat facilitated by Geoff and being my first retreat, I was not sure what to expect.
    From the first hours, Geoff drew our awareness to see nature with a new perspective, his passion, and knowledge for earth and Country, his philosophical, academic, and diverse experiences provided so much knowledge, yet was delivered in a way that resonated at a personal level.
    His intuitive guidance to meditation and ritual, to honor my relationship with flora and fauna inspired me to see life and my surroundings with a more depth and dimension.
    The empathetic skills he demonstrated in managing our diverse experiences, challenged us to explore nature in a personal and visceral way and is a journey I will continue as I learn more.
    These few days created a subtle but irreversible shift in my life, for which I am ever grateful.

  19. Prue

    I really loved Geoff’s gentle facilitation during my 5-day ecopsychotherapy retreat. He clearly has a WEALTH of knowledge but he didn’t impose it on us, allowing us instead to have and articulate our own experiences which he supported with theory when appropriate. I felt that he was genuinely interested in each of us and our experiences and had time for us all. I would highly recommend any retreat that Geoff is part of.

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