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Online Course Topic 1: Deepening Your Connection to Nature




Humans are a part of nature and we always were. But the way our technologies have evolved have led many of us to feel disconnected from the rest of the natural world. Most of us live in cities, which make us feel removed from the jungles and deserts, grasslands and riverside plains that were our home for most of evolutionary history. Meanwhile, no matter where we live, modern buildings and cars keep us insulated from the elements, so that we live most of our lives indoors.

There are good reasons all of these inventions came into being, but today many of us feel distanced from nature so much by technology that we have forgotten how to sense our deep and intimate connection with the natural world. This Introductory Course is designed to cut through all of this and provide you with some ways to get back in touch with nature, which is our natural state of being. So let’s explore some of the reasons we find ourselves in this situation, while seeking ways to overcome our alienation from nature so that we can take care of it better, as well as living the way we humans were supposed to. That means giving thanks for all we have been given from the earth, for our bodies and for the fresh air and water that sustains them, for the seas out of which life originally arose on this planet, and for the stars that represent the beginning of life in the cosmos, as well as for our local star, the sun, which pours out life-giving energy to fire life on earth into existence, as well as providing us with all the power we need to grow and love life in communion with all the other beings of this beautiful planet.


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