In the 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions, Geoff led two meditative reflections on the theme of spiritual environmental awareness, drawing on his strong academic knowledge of mythic history across different cultures and religions, as well as his grounded eco-­‐spiritual intuition to create appropriate and insightful reflections for the participants. His reflective experiences bridged cultural and religious differences and brought a sense of harmony to the events he was involved in. I recommend Geoff as a facilitator and guide in meditative and reflective practice
Elyse Rider

Coordinator Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement, Wyndham City Council, Melbourne

Geoff hears the voice of inner nature with clarity and he communicates it with uncanny depth and precision.
Mark Treddinick

PhD, CEO and futurist at Bloom Factor Inc.

Dr. Geoffrey Berry is an astute and insightful interpreter of human psychology. Anyone receiving guidance from him will find a genuine and professional companion on a journey to deeper questioning and personal growth.
Dr Jorge Conesa-Sevilla

Cognitive psychologist, National University, San Diego

George Monbiot

The Guardian UK and author of Heat; how to stop our planet burning

Extremely interesting to think about
Philip Pullman

author of the His Dark Materials trilogy

The wisdom, experience and intelligence with human psyche and life which ensured I felt extremely safe working through the process … this was the best investment I’ve made in myself!
Natalie Oakley

workshop participant

excellent … very stimulating, creative, and significant
Professor Carolyn Merchant

Professor of Environmental History, Philosophy, and Ethics, UC Berkeley

A provocative meditation [with] a rare blend of credible science and cultural history
Professor Robert Pogue Harrison

Stanford University, author of Forests; The Shadow of Civilization

Brilliant and elegant, not to mention important, work … I’m astonished at how well you synthesise so many ideas into an original, and elegantly articulated cosmos
Mark Treddinick

Australian poet and author


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