Having recently sat on an eco-retreat with Geoff, I have full confidence in recommending his spaces for those seeking transformation, connection, and discovery. His humility, depth of wisdom, embodied knowledge and ability to hold and navigate space are great gifts, that I feel privileged to have been able to drink from the waters of.

Al Jeffery

Turning Ground & Spaces Between

I felt my relationship with the natural world strengthen and am enormously grateful for that. Geoff is adaptable and open, warm, and encouraging; noble and logical attributes from someone who has sat deeply, attuning to nature as he has. Geoff really walks the walk. I was utterly inspired by Geoff the whole retreat, his whole spirit shining in this work. The practices were fun and profoundly engaging, and grounding.

Julie Stevens

Psychotherapist, Lygon Therapy Centre

Geoff’s extensive knowledge and wisdom of nature connection and all the related topics is very impressive and he facilitated our experience with sensitivity, integrity, deep respect and an incredible open heart. He is humble and passionate, he walks his talk and he inspires curiosity and reverence in each moment of the exploration.

Chloe McKeand

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

It was a privilege to be part of such profound and pioneering work. I walked away feeling not only more connected to myself but also to the natural world around me. To combine ecology and mythology and to explore it on a personal level is an unbelievably powerful gift. When we take time to listen to ourselves and to the world around us anything is possible. Powerful work indeed 🙂 With thanks always. 

Briony Tronson

Creative Arts Therapist, Seedpod Creative Arts Studio & Engaged Art Therapy

The wisdom, experience and intelligence with human psyche and life which ensured I felt extremely safe working through the process … this was the best investment I’ve made in myself!
Natalie Oakley

workshop participant


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