Your dreams tell so much about your soul, your life, the person you truly are, as well as the one you have become. If you want to know those depths better, Nature Calling is a good place to start. Because I started working with my dreams over three decades ago and wrote my Masters degree on the mythic depths that are revealed through our fantasies and nightmares. Analysis of your dreams, by someone like myself who is trained in the history of mythic symbols and internal conflicts, wisdom traditions and the evolution of consciousness, can help you to know – and grow – yourself better.

Dreams sometime wake us with their intensity. Whether we find ourselves riding mythic animals into the night or re-living embarrassing situations that never actually happen in everyday life (what, naked and late at the train station again?!), we never know what will appear from our own inner depths. But we do know that there is something special in these messages. They have a powerful relevance that can awaken us to a deeper wisdom and link us to a sense of the sacred in this world.

What’s more, many traditional cultures believed that your dreams could also be communications from a world beyond human consciousness. According to this understanding, which I have explored in terms of timeless shamanic and mystical traditions as well as 21st century ecopsychology, your dreams (including daydreams and fantasies, slips of the tongue and uncanny coincidences) are not only symbolic of a greater meaning within but also an attempt by the universe to wake you up to its mysterious powers and magical potential.

Write me your dreams and I will help guide you towards a world where myth is real and intuition leads towards the evolution of consciousness. Let the hints reveal a greater truth and enter the cave of mystery, where the Oracle of old awaits, showing signs of greatness and humbling us in turn, while we play the game of being human in a more-than-human world of beauty and power.