Every now and then, you have a conversation that brings everything together. After many years of working on a concept i have come to call the “ecomythic”, this interview with Al Jeffery from “spaces between” inspired me to become unusually coherent about this realm. Al’s approach offers plenty of space to explore, no pressure to conform to any expectations, even our own, and is a real breath of fresh air if you want to find out more about how other people are stretching themselves beyond conventional boundaries. 

I was so pleasantly surprised by how much territory we covered in this hour. It’s like a melted down version of hundreds of hours of reflection, deep listening in nature, philosophy and the big picture of how we got where we’re at right now – you know, the history of civilisation, development of technology, showing proper respect for the spirits, that kind of thing. 

There is a fair bit here to digest, and some of it arises out of non-ordinary reality, so if you would like to follow that path for a bit, here is your invitation. It’s called “Attuning to the Spirit of Place & the Ecomythic” and you can find it here.