We all know something has gone wrong with our relationship to nature. There is also growing evidence that when we feel connected to nature, our wellbeing improves. We see this improvement across all spheres of our life, as deeper connection to nature positively affects our physical and mental health, as well as supporting our emotional wellbeing. But there is also a deep knowing we all share, at a soul level, that we are meant to feel like we truly belong here. That, in spite of the fact that we often live in urban centres, we remain a part of nature – like we always were. 

When we take time to nurture this connection, or even just learn to breathe in a certain way, we can rewire our mind and body, open up our hearts, and live a more spiritually satisfying life in the here and now. 

On Wednesday the 3rd of November, from 7 – 8.30pm, i will offer a free presentation on ecotherapy. This will be followed by a three week short course, which will extend this introductory presentation in ways that will deepen your connection to nature in surprising ways. 

The introductory talk will outline

  • What ecotherapy is
  • What ecotherapy can do for us, including improved physical and mental health, emotional intelligence, and embodied spirituality
  • How ecotherapy is related to counselling and psychotherapy, as a system of knowledge as well as a set of practices designed to heal and empower
  • The role of mindfulness, awareness and indigenous wisdom in nature healing
  • And introduce some simple practices to help you deepen your connection to nature, find more peace and put the stress and hustle bustle of everyday life in context! 

The free talk and online course are designed for anyone interested in creating or deepening their relationship to nature. 

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Introductory Online Course

  • Ecotherapy Certificate Course: Three sessions on Wednesday evenings 7 – 8.30pm, on the 10th/17th/24th November. 
    • Cost: Public: $180; Currently enrolled Metavision students $150  

All Sessions include: 

  • Acknowledgement of Country 
  • Welcome to Self
  • Co-creating a safe and sacred space for the work
  • Working with vulnerability and confidence 
  • Stories of connection to and relationship with nature 
  • Nature Meditations (new one each session)

Session 1 concentrates on:

    • Finding your place, a special spot to commune with nature daily, so that you can 
      • deepen your understanding of yourself as an ecological citizen
      • explore an expanded sense of self in a real way that can be integrated into your everyday life
      • develop mindfulness in nature, learning how to bring a meditative quality to your personal ecotherapy practice 

Session 2 concentrates on:

    • Deep Listening – to nature and to each other, so that we get
      • beyond the monkey mind, which chatters incessantly within
      • differentiate between ego and spirit, socialised self and the expanded eco-self
      • hear the voice of nature with clarity and confidence

Session 3 concentrates on:

    • Learning from the animals and plants we share this planet with, so that you can 
      • recognise yourself in relation to your kin
      • explore your totems, guides and spirits
      • develop and deepen your connections to nature within and without, on earth and beyond

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Feature photo by Arthur Poulin on Unsplash. Solo man photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash. Meditation in nature photo by S Migaj on Unsplash Hands on tree photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash