Mindfulness is a state of being, or at least it becomes one if you practice it. Being more aware of the moment, we feel more alive. The smells, the glint of a button in the sunlight, the sound of a bird chirping as we walk by … these are the sorts of things we notice if we get a chance to, just before we die. Don’t leave yourself open to too much regret; wake up to these beautiful passing phenomena right now.

As well as opening you up more consistently to the moment of here and now, a meditation practice can help you to become more aware of the patterns that constantly run through your mind and model the way you think, that speak as the voices and act as the judgements and assumptions that keep us limited by the way our personal history has shaped us. A meditation practice helps you to evolve in consciousness over time, if you stick at it; as well as open you up to surprising levels of awareness in no time at all.


This video doesn’t distill my teachings around the skills that can help you meditate better, but it gives the flavour, and so it might help you to set the mood for sitting in quiet contemplation. Sit in peace and walk with compassion.

Geoff Berry will present an experiential session of meditation to celebrate Mindfulness Day on Wednesday September the 12th at the Narooma Library from 10.30am. He also offers meditations skills and guidance via www.naturecalling.org