As humans, we spent over 90% of our evolution living and growing in close contact with the natural world. This meant we had an intimate relationship with the other animals, as well as the plants and even the elements. We watched them, learned from them, and worked out how to live with them with the most harmony and the best chance of our own survival and flourishing into the future. Modern life, now lived mostly in urban environments separate from the rest of nature, divorces us from this deep connection.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can enjoy high technology – like the device you are using to access the Nature Calling project – as well as listening to and learning from nature. Getting in touch with the more-than-human world helps us to gain perspective, to recognize that we are part of a wider ecosystem, and to be healed by the energizing forces of nature. This works on a personal level, because our minds, bodies, hearts and souls crave that deep connection to the life all around us, which we have always known and loved. Such a shift back to getting in touch with nature has been called “Eco not Ego”. It also works on a collective level, in that humanity needs to quickly evolve beyond the “anthropocentric” idea that we are the centre of the universe (or the “crown of creation”) and remember we are a powerful part of the biosphere. Nature Calling offers you tools to make this shift in your own life, helping you:

  • To find healing for the wounds that modern civilization inflicts upon is in its race for evermore profit;
  • To be empowered beyond human self-involvement and to become part of planetary evolution; and
  • To transform from your current state of self to a newer plane that is both
      • higher, as your sense of self is elevated above and beyond the narrow view of your worth that is promoted by capitalism (which just wants to sell you something that makes you feel better)
      • deeper, as you reconnect with your inner nature, with your mind and body as they were originally meant to be, working together towards more consistently engaged levels of self-awareness.

The butterfly is a great symbol of this capacity we have to learn from the best in nature. From the humble caterpillar, it creates its own cocoon. From this we recognize that we need to take responsibility for creating our own set of life circumstances. Then it literally dissolves into a kind of fertile goop. From this we learn to let go, to allow those parts of ourselves we no longer need to break down so that we can emerge renewed. Then finally the beautiful new creature crystallizes into its unique and individual form and breaks out of its cocoon, finding its own strength to overcome the chrysalis it created for this restful and regenerative process.

Explore your deep inner connection to nature, to the elements and to the spirit of the butterfly, in the free “Connection to Nature” Guided Meditation provided here at Nature Calling.

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