Myth deals with life and death. It explains how we are connected to the otherworld that exists eternally regardless of the the circumstances of our own personal lives. In an effort to stave off the horror of death, we use technology to try and convince ourselves that we are beyond such mortal concerns. Thus the cities of light we have created with electricity represent both heaven and hell; a Factory of Fire that keeps the darkness at bay but also threatens to heat up our planet beyond its carrying capacity for life.

What we need to do now is to recreate modern myth on an eco-friendly scale and remember what the ancestors taught: part of us is always connected to the endless universe out of which we were birthed, that we were born out of star dust, that our true home is right here, right now and also everywhere all the time, that we need not fear death, that we should consume only what we need of the earth, which is alive and responsive to our actions, and that we should treat all life on this planet as sacred, including ourselves.