Have you ever experienced the feeling that you are lit from within? Like you were radiating with an inner glow, which emanates love for yourself and for the whole universe. Calmed by a deep sense of knowing that all is well, but without judgement, agenda or limit. Sensing that you are a beacon in the ocean of experience, a star in deep space, a flaming furnace on a cold winter’s night, or simply enjoying a sense of warmth and comfort that came from nowhere, with no reason, but could not be denied.

When I was around seven years old, I was walking down the road near my home, along a dusty path near a beach lined with Norfolk Pine trees. Seemingly from nowhere, I felt a warm golden light glowing out of my core, enveloping everything in its love. In that moment, I knew that all would be well, for myself and others, as long as we trusted in that inner glow and its emanation of unconditional embrace.

I’d done nothing in particular to deserve this spontaneous experience, but neither could I pretend it hadn’t happened. It lasted for a while then faded away, just as days pass and we grow older. Since then, I’ve spent a lifetime seeking to understand the mysteries of light.

Across the course of this meandering path, I always trusted that sense of inner knowing, which the ancients called gnosis; but I learnt to question it too. In fact, if there was a soundtrack to my path towards adulthood, it would be Supertramp’s Logical Song. I found out how all those grownups became so seemingly crazy and confused, as I became one of them.

One thing I’ve noticed is that no matter who we are, if we can find more of that inner glow, tend to it and help it grow, we can come from that place of self-love and inner warmth more often. When we glow from within, others respond, and the light overcomes the darkness of ignorance, selfishness and confusion.

Throughout my life, I have spent decades studying the world’s myths and legends during an MA on dreaming and a PhD on light, learning to meditate, teaching, sitting still in nature, and contemplating the universe as it is manifest both right here and far, far away. Finally, I trust my findings enough to share them. And, because we all want an experience of life as well as a meaning for it, I’m going to offer this teaching at retreat, as well as in a book.

Join me, Dr Geoff Berry, at the ‘That Inner Glow’ Autumn Retreat at Bawley Bush Retreat, Bawley Point, NSW, with Clare Lovelace & local guest teachers

Friday 5th – Sunday 7th March 2021