A simple three point defence of climate action in the face of current conditions: 
  1. The drought is biting so deep in New South Wales, that even this nice patch of rain we are now having (at least on the south coast) hardly keeps the dust down. The whole south east of Australia is drying out, just as the climate scientists warned us it would. That means running out of water in towns, as well as for plants and animals – everyone suffers, not just the humans. It also means increased fire danger – not just more bushfires out of control, but more wild and dangerous ones than ever.
  2. This is a result of increased greenhouse gases, a term we don’t hear as much anymore: more carbon (and methane and more) in the atmosphere, as we burn more fossil fuels, cut down more forests, and let the profit motive hold sway.
  3. We cannot let this continue. It’s not just about this drought, or that fire, or the other superstorm: it’s about the way we treat the planet. Support your local environmental action now, as groups like Extinction Rebellion up the ante against vested interests, politics beholden to the power of filthy lucre, apathy and mean-spirited conservatives.
Thanks for listening and sharing. Take care out there and keep fighting the good fight!